Bamboo Serving Chopsticks

$ 12

A refreshing take on serving chopsticks that celebrate the natural beauty and versatility of bamboo.

Skillfully handcrafted, these bamboo serving chopsticks are designed to showcase the unique attributes of the material. Their lightweight yet durable construction ensures a comfortable grasp and effortless handling, while their longer length compared to standard chopsticks makes them well-suited for serving meals cooked in a donabe or with any other dishes with ease. Enhance your dining experience with these environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing chopsticks, bringing a touch of nature to your table arrangement.


Established back in 1972, Yamaco has been manufacturing products using a variety of natural items including, bamboo, hinoki, lacquer, and other wooden materials. Prioritizing and operating as a distributer for hotels and restaurants, Yamaco creates a wide range of products following traditional crafting methods to better suit every request.

      Bamboo Serving Chopsticks

      • 10.5" L

      • Bamboo
      • Urethane Coating

      • Hand-wash Only

      Oita, Japan