Toyo Sasaki Glass

10.5 oz. Fino Stacking Glass - 6 Pack

$ 105

Thin, stackable glasses from one of Japan’s top glassware manufacturers are both light and durable—and they’ll save counter space!  

The appeal of the Toyo-Sasaki glass company’s Fino stackable glasses lies in the thinness and lightness of their design. The clean, simple rims, while thin, are still stackable for easy storage. Utilizing reinforcing technologies such as the hard strong (HS) ion enhancement process on the entire surface ensures that the rims do not break easily even when the glasses are stacked.

This glassware is stackable with the 9.5oz Fino Stacking Glass and 13oz Fino Stacking Glass.

Toyo Sasaki Glass

Established in 1888, Toyo-Sasaki is one of Japan's top glassware manufacturers, having played an important part in the long history of Japanese glass-making. Combining its rich history with modern technology, Toyo Sasaki continues to create glass products that showcase the natural beauty of their material.