Hirota Glass

Sake Glass Set - Tsubomi and Hana

$ 68

The ultimate Sake Glass Set created by Hirota Glass that features 2 uniquely shaped hand-blown glasses that will enhance the aromatic elements of your Sake to bring forth better flavors.

The Sake Pro’s (Restaurant Sake Provider Association) and the 116 year old glassware company, Hirota glass have come together to create a Sake set that cannot be beat. This Sake glass set contains 2 different types of glasses, the Tsubomi and Hana. They both have the perfect pour but with each unique shape allows you to elevate different types of Sake depending on which glass you use.

“Tsubomi” (flower bud) has a closed off shape at the top of the glass that traps the aroma of the Sake, and is recommended to pair with Junmai-shu: a pure rice Sake.

The “Hana” (flower) has an open shape that releases the Sake’s aroma to you right away, and is recommended to pair with Daiginjo: a highly polished rice Sake.

Packaged in a paulownia box, making this a perfect gift for any Sake lover.

Hirota Glass

Established in 1899, Hiroto Glass was one of the pioneers of Japanese Glassware. In recent years, Hirota Glass has created its own signature style by the combination of European traditional glassmaking techniques and Japanese artistry, pushing the limits of artistic traditional glassware.

Sake Glass Set - Tsubomi and Hana

• Paulownia Box - 6.4”W x 6.4”D x 3.14”H 
• Tsubomi - 3.3”H x 2.4"Ø
• Hana - 4.1"H x 2.4"Ø

• Soda-Lime Glass

• Volume 3.5 fl oz

• Tsubomi - Recommended with Junmai-shu: pure rice sake
• Hana - Recommended with Daiginjo: high polished rice sake

• Hand wash only
• Not microwave safe

• Tokyo, Japan