Mizutama Teacup, Tamasencha - 2 Pack

$ 42

The perfect complement to Soesen’s Tea Pots, with a matching signature polka dot look, you can enjoy serving tea with a complete set.

Inheriting traditional ware that has been made for over 400 years, the craftsmen hand-carve each piece to create the indented polka dot design that matches modern times. Soesen is the only kiln that hand-carves and hand-makes every part of the tea ware. Located within Ureshino City, famous for its tea, enjoy a teapot that can fit into any modern setting.

Perfect for serving with the 6-GO Dobin or the Maru Dobin with a matching design.


Established in 1954, Soesen produces Hizen Yoshida Ware with the iconic polka dot design. Gaining popularity after the Pacific War, the nostalgic design became a must-have in Japan as it became the symbol of the Japanese Dining Table. Originating in the Saga Prefecture, within Ureshino City, famous for its tea, Soesen handmakes  every part of the teaware in-house.

Mizutama Teacup - Tamasencha

• 2.7" H x 3" Ø

• Porcelain

• 5.9 fl oz

Dishwasher and microwave safe
• Not oven safe

• Saga, Japan