The sound and Japanese craftsmanship are embodied in this Orin. Futakataya Orin is a metal sound made from the same material as the treasure "Sabari", which has existed for 1300 years and has been said to purify the surrounding area and exterminate evil spirits with its sounds. These traditional Japanese instruments used in Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines have sometimes required dozens of recastings in order to obtain a pure and oscillating sound, not heard anywhere else. With a sound that progressively gets better over the years with the more you use it, they are ideal for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and well-being.

When creating the Orin everything is important and needs to be taken into account: soil, condition of the metal, the ratio of the mixture of the metals, temperature of the mixture when removed from the furnace, season, weather, and humidity. As only one can be made per mold, every step must be carefully done with precision. Even with one step done incorrectly, there will be no chanting sound that resonates from the Orin.