Saga No Asagiri
A soft, refreshing meadow scent that expresses morning mist in the bamboo forest of Sagano utilizing sandalwood, oakmoss, and lilies of the valley.

Gion No Hana
Producing a gentle and elegant fragrance typical in Kyoto, recreating a sweet and floral scent you experience when you walk past a Geisha in the town of Gion, utilizing sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and amber.

Arashiyama No Tsukikage
A sweet but mature woodsy/musk smell that symbolizes Arashiyama’s moonlight reflecting off of the water, perfect to light once it has cooled off at night, utilizing sandalwood, musk, borneol, and Ryunou.

Kamo No Seseragi
A refreshing fragrance with a soft floral scent that creates a relaxing image of the famous Kamo River that flows calmly while reflecting the sunrise utilizing sandalwood, freesia, and gardenia.