Sake - Contains the special "Fukuju" Junmai Daiginjo Sake made by the long-established sake brewery "Kobe Shushinkan" in Nada, which boasts a history of 260 years. It has a refreshing scent that makes you feel relaxed because it contains a small amount of cypress essential oil.

As it has no scent of Sak
e, you do not need to worry about the smell of alcohol while enjoying the skin-beautifying properties from the amino acids in Sake.

Yuzu - Contains fresh Yuzu extract and Yuzu oil from the fruit and is from a farm in the Hyogo Prefecture, which is famous for their Yuzu’s. It is a well-balanced combination of olive oil-based skin comfort and abundant foaming with palm kernel oil. By blending the natural ingredients of Yuzu, they have created a soap that relaxes the mind and body. The refreshing citrus scent is also very popular throughout the year.

Sakura - The scent of cherry leaves is from a natural cherry leaf extract, and the pale pink color is a fine powder of mud (red clay), a natural ingredient that can help clean out your pores.

Hinoki - A luxurious blend of natural cypress essential oil. The refreshing scent unique to cypress and the abundant gentle bubbles will relax your body and soul as if you are relaxing in a Hinoki forest.