A scent used in incense-smelling ceremonies, which was practiced by court nobles, feudal lords, and wealthy people, Oedo-Koh’s Aloeswood delivers the deep fragrance of the Edo Period.

The charm of the peony is the key note of this incense, its scent and form calling to mind that of a geisha; the sweet, floral scent evoking the music and dances of the geisha quarter.

Cherry Blossoms
The lovely and fresh floral scent of fully bloomed cherry blossoms brings to mind the arrival of spring; experience the gentle scent of Japanese springtime in this incense.

With an elegant and earthy floral fragrance, the Chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity, and the scent is embodied in this Oedo-Koh fragrance, sure to bring refreshment.

Pine Tree
Long valued in Japan, the fresh, brisk, refreshing scent of pine is embodied in this incense, evoking the old towns and paths of the Edo Period, as well as expressing the pine’s association with luck and longevity.

Water Drop
With many lacking baths in their own houses, bathhouses were established in the Edo Period as a place of gathering, where differences were set aside--the scent of the bathhouse is embodied in this warm incense.