Kago - Square, Large

• 9.8" W x 9.8" D x .1" H (Before Folding)

100% Real Tin

• 1.4 lbs

• After use, use a soft sponge and wash with a neutral kitchen detergent. After washing, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
• If the gloss becomes dull, dissolve the baking soda in a neutral kitchen detergent or water and polish it with a paste.
Due to its low melting point, please keep it away from heat sources
• Avoid excessive force and bending at one area as it may damage the tin. The tin is not suitable for daily bending.
• As it is a soft material, it may be scratched by the use of metal cutlery.
Not Microwave or dishwasher safe.

• Toyama, Japan