How to play Sushi Bar
  1. The game is for any number of players. After shuffling, spread out the cards face down on the table and decide the order of play.
  2. The first player turns over any two cards in one go but does not pick them up.
  3. If the player chooses two matching halves of the fish or shellfish correctly, the player keeps these cards as a pair and plays again until the player fails to find a matching pair.
  4. When two cards do not match correctly, they should be turned face down again in their original position. This is important as the player’s memory helps them to find the matching halves. Then the next player turns over two cards and the game continues until all the matching halves have been found.
  5. If a player turns over Special Cards A, B, or C, so-called lucky cards, the player can turn over another card once for (Card A), twice for (Card B), and three times for (Card-C). If a player turns over the Joker or Fishbones card, the player cannot play another card and it is the next player’s turn.

                   Card A: Soy sauce dipping dish and its pot.
                   Card B: A cup of hot green tea (“Agari”).
                   Card C: A Hot sake bottle (“Tokkuri”) and a small cup (“Choko”).

     6. The winner is the person with the highest number of cards or “pairs” at the end.

     7. The number of cards can be reduced according to the number of players.