What is Sarashi?
Sarashi is a traditional bleached cloth made with 100% cotton Oka fabric that is tightly knit together with thin fibers and boiled for 2 days to treat and remove any impurities within the cotton while retaining its soft qualities. It was commonly used in hand towels, underwear, and bandages due to its moisture-absorbent properties while staying durable.

How to use Sarashi
With its water-absorbent and quick-drying properties, the durable Sarashi Cloth can be used in a variety of ways including wiping, wrapping, straining, laying, and many more. ​​​​If the Sarashi Cloth gets dirty, it can be washed or boiled to remove impurities to be used once again. With perforated cuts throughout the roll, you can easily tear off the desired amount for use. Winning the Good Design Award, the Sarashi Cloth feeds into an eco-conscious lifestyle by reducing waste and for its versatility.

How to use the Sarashi Cloth:
Draining vegetables
Straining soup stock
Steamer lining
Washing and wiping,
Wrapping food
Freezing rice
Coffee filter
and many more.