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The exceptional absorbency, moisture-retaining properties, and breathability of natural soil—handmade into beautiful products to better your home.

ABSORBS moisture extremely well

Soil products use an organic soil compound called Keisodo (diatomaceous earth) that is highly-porous, giving it excellent moisture-absorbent and retaining properties. Soil goods are non-toxic, easy on the environment, and also naturally reduce odor.

history of craftsmanship

  Japanese plastering with Keisodo was traditionally used for walls to help regulate humidity and odor in homes. With modernization, wall building materials changed and the need for this skill greatly declined. Coming from a long legacy of plasterers, Soil is continuing the craft by creating new products that are useful in modern day life. 


GEM Bath Mat


Square Soap Dish

GEM Drying Board

Drying Board (2-Piece Set)

Round Soap Dish

Mini Dry Block

Cutting Board Stand

Drying Block

Tea Scoop - 5 ml

Tea Scoop - 7.5 ml

Knife Holder

Plastic Bottle Drying Rack

Bottle Drying Rack

Food Container

Large Dry Block