SAI - ThinLINE Brush Pen, Extra Fine, 5 Color Set

$ 18

A brush pen produced by, Akashiya, a company that has dedicated all of their time and patience to making brushes for over 300 years. With each brush being handmade, they utilize their expertise and extensive knowledge to developing the highest quality brush there is.

The ThinLINE series by Akashiya utilizes a thin brush that provides precision and accuracy while using 5 different traditional Japanese colors that will surely bring life to the paper. With a fine brush that is as thin as 2mm, is made from special fibers that are handmade and highly elastic. Using a water-based pigmentation ink, this allows for the ink to keep its vibrant colors while being very reflective of light and water-resistant. 


Established back in 1716, Akashiya has continued a tradition of brush making for around 300 years. While continuing to refine the skills needed to make brushes, Akashiya to this day still hand-makes every brush, consisting of 10 different types of animal hair, each requiring a unique way to produce.

ThinLINE Brush Pen, Extra Fine, 5 Color Set

• Brush Pen with Case - 1.75” W x 6.75” H
• Brush Pen - 6.2" H

• Water-based Pigment 

• Nara, Japan