The Lantern

$ 149

Brighten up your space with a lightweight and water-resistant lantern that emits a soft glow that is bright enough to read by but soft enough to calm your mind

The perfect addition to any setting of your everyday life, with the LED light placed at the top, the light is guided down into central tubes to emit a soft light without it shining directly into your eyes. With an adjustable brightness knob, you can change the brightness or the color temperature from fluctuating candlelight to a warm white light to match your need in any scenario. 

With a built-in battery, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The lantern includes an AC adapter and a 3.3 ft. long USB charging cable.


A Tokyo-based creativity and technology company founded in 2003, Balmuda looks to contribute to the world by using the power of technology to turn visions of the future into concrete reality. With modern appliances designed to eliminate inconvenience, Balmuda recognizes that the desire for what appliances have to offer is starting to change and by thinking in entirely new ways, they make revolutionary appliances offering unprecedented value.

The Lantern

• 4.4" W × 4.1" D × 9.8" H (Including the handle)

Package Contents
AC adaptor
• LED bulb
• Power cable
• Ni-MH rechargeable battery 3.6V/2,000 mAh

Unit weight
Approx. 1.4 lbs

Battery Charging hours
Approx. 6 hours

Battery Life
3 to 50 hours (max illumination to min illumination)