Soto Compact Lantern, Refillable

  • Depending on your mood, Soto's Compact Lantern can be used with its mantle for a lantern-like brightness, or without its mantle for the flickering glow of a candle. The brightness can be adjusted up to 60 watts. With its mantle, combustion lasts for 1.5 hours; as a candle, 2 hours. Equipped with a refillable fuel tank, Soto's Fill Adaptor (sold separately) can also be used to refill fuel from a gas canister. For more stability, expand the base plate's tri-leg to stabilize the body. Carrying case included.

  • Dimensions

    2.4" W x 2.4" D x 5.6" H


    7.9 oz


    Aichi, Japan