Rice Wax Japanese Candles, Earth Colors

$ 20

Add some color in your home with these environmentally friendly candles, that have a perfect burn time for a short meditation break.

These candles may look short and sweet, however, there was a lot of thought put into the process of producing this product. As the base is produced from rice wax and the wick with rush weed, the natural ingredients produce little to no smoke and wax drippage, making them perfect for indoor use. As they have a 15-minute burn interval, we recommend using it for meditation or to use it as a timer to sit back and relax during your day. 

The cat and mouse design on the product packaging tells a little history as well. As natural wax attracts a lot of mice, wax candle makers would always have a cat around to catch or scare off the mice.


    With a hundred years of history behind them, DAIYO is committed to make genuine Japanese candles with 100% vegetable wax. Established in Shiga prefecture in 1914, DAIYO candles are handcrafted by artisans using a traditional technique called “Tegake.” “Tegake” is a procedure in which the wax is applied on the wick with bare hands and dried, with the process being repeated several times--in candles made by using Tegake, you can see the number of layers around the wick. With conditions such as atmosphere, temperature, and even physical and mental condition of the craftsman affecting the application of the wax, it is crucial to be in the “now” when making candles using Tegake. It takes about 10 years to become a veteran craftsman of Japanese candles, signifying the ability to manage a variety of situations and make candles of consistent quality--it is through these techniques that DAIYO makes their candles. By using all natural material, the flames of their candles burn stably and beautifully, without excess dripping wax, and are earth friendly as well.


    Rice Wax Japanese Candles, Earth Colors

    • 1.8" H

    • Rice Wax
    • Rush Weed
    • Washi-paper
    • Silk Fiber
    • Dye

    Burn Time
     15 Minutes 

    Shiga, Japan