Tea Canister - Wazutsu - Walnut

$ 236
A colorful canister features contrasting varieties of wood, exuding a modern aesthetic to complement any kitchen.

The unique character of cherry tree bark is showcased in its contrast to other varieties of wood. Along with cherry tree bark treated using the kabazaiku method, walnut, cherry, and maple woods compose four rings that can be assembled in different ways to form the outer canister, which covers an inner canister. Designed in collaboration with the designer Kaichiro Yamada.


Denshiro is the brand produced by Fujiki Denshiro Shoten, a company that has been practicing kabazaiku in the town of Kakunodatemachi in Akita Prefecture since its establishment in 1851. Kabazaiku is a traditional art of making items using cherry tree bark. Only the bark is harvested from a tree's trunk so that it can regrow. The harvested bark is then thoroughly dried for 2 years before processing.

Raw cherry tree bark has a gray color and a granular surface. Once the raw bark has been scraped, the reddish-brown layer beneath is revealed. This layer is polished for increased luster, creating cherry tree bark’s characteristic color and sheen. A craftsman repeatedly scrapes and polishes each and every piece of bark, which will then be used in various products.

Superior Airtight Properties
Layers of cherry tree bark and paper-thin wood are glued together and wrapped around a cylindrical wooden mold. Then, a highly heated iron is carefully hand-pressed on the covered mold. The resulting cylinder is cut into several pieces to form the outer and inner parts of the canister and lid. Because all parts are made from the same cylinder, the canister maintains its superior airtight properties even when humidity levels change. An airtight storage environment protects tea leaves from moisture to retain freshness of aroma and taste.

Tea Canister - Wazutsu, Walnut

• 4.75" H x 3.25" Ø

• Walnut, Maple Wood, Cherry Blossom Bark, Cherry Blossom Wood

• Use a soft cloth or tissue that is dry
• To achieve maximum luster, wiping in the direction of the grain is recommended
• Not Microwave or Dishwasher Safe

Akita, Japan