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Donabe Cookbook

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The all in one exclusive award-winning donabe cookbook featuring recipes, history and full color photos for authentic Japanese donabe recipes. 

A must-have cookbook if you own a donabe or are interested in starting cooking with a donabe. Whether you are preparing a meal for yourself or with family and friends, this cookbook features recipes that are all rich in flavor while being simple to prepare, creating an easy experience for you. This cookbook also includes recipes for several different types of donabe allowing you to explore the world of donabe cooking freely.

Naoko Moore 

Naoko Moore is a Japanese home-cooking expert who also specializes in donabe cooking as well. Her goal is to spread the information about Japanese donabe and the healthy cooking and lifestyle that it provides.

Kyle Connaughton

Kyle Connaughton is a chef, author and culinary educator. He not only was a contributor and editor for Modernist Cusine, he was also the head chef of research and development for Heston Blumenthal’s Three Star Michelin restaurant, The Fat Duck.

Donabe Cookbook

• 9" W x 9" D
• 2.9 lbs

• 328 Pages, 150 Full-Color Photographs

Types of Donabe
• Classic Style Donabe 
• Kamado-San
• Soup and Stew Donabe
• Mushi Nabe - Donabe Steamer
• Ibushi Gin - Donabe Smoker
• Tagine Style Donabe

Number of Recipes
• 104

Naoko Moore
• Kyle Connaughton

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