$ 162

Enhance your library's style and support with our brass money exchanger weights-inspired bookend, perfect for both single and paired book arrangements, providing unwavering support for even the heavier books.

Offering reliable assistance with a sturdy design, enjoy a brass bookend shaped like a traditional money exchanger weight from the Edo Period, its surface gradually develops a captivating patina, a testament to the passage of time and cherished use, while its felt-lined bottoms ensure shelf and table protection. 

The Futagami collection specializes in a diverse selection of brass household items that boast unique characteristics, each piece is crafted with a distinctive casting finish that allows the material's natural beauty to shine without extra embellishments. These functional pieces also double as stunning display items, aging gracefully through oxidation to develop a rich patina.

Comes with 1 bookend per order.


Established in 1897 during the Meiji Era, Futagami was a metalware manufacturer specializing in crafting Buddhist Altar Fittings. In 2009 the company expanded into brassware creating household items, interior decor, and other products primarily from brass, while continuing to incorporate traditional manufacturing techniques.

      Brass Bookend, Fundo

      • 1.8" W x 2.7"D x 4.3"H

      • Brass

      • 6.25 lbs

      • Wipe with a dry cloth

      Toyama, Japan