Portable Candle Stand - Long Handle

$ 45

Experience the simple elegance of Japanese design with this iron candlestick by Hakuhodo.

The rustic texture of iron adds an air of tasteful charm to the slender, minimalist design of this candlestick by Hakuhodo. A long, thin prong at its center provides stability to even slender Japanese-style candles, and the wide base efficiently catches melted candle wax.

Fits Nanohana Candles, Sumac Wax Candles (#3), and Tohaku Candles (Medium).


Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo Shoten was established in 1939 in the metalwork city of Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Starting in the Edo period and extending throughout its 400-year history as a copperware town, Takaoka has been producing an array of cast copperware goods such as flower vases, tea utensils, Buddhist ceremonial items, and decorative hardware. More recently, the traditional manufacturing and processing techniques used in cast copperware are being developed for use with a wide range of metals, such as iron, aluminum, and tin.

Portable Candle Stick, Long Handle

• 5.75" H

• Iron

Toyama, Japan