Hario V60 Drip Kettle, Buono

  • The richness of coffee cannot filter through without a narrow-mouthed kettle; and the best secret for making delicious pour-over coffee lies in the brewing. Pouring hot water on fine coffee grounds and allowing the water to gently permeate the grounds expands them, drawing out the coffee's richness to the fullest extent. However, this gentle permeation is difficult to achieve. With an ordinary kettle, water gushes out; and where the water will drip cannot be anticipated, resulting in wasted coffee grounds. But with a narrow-mouthed kettle, hot water comes out drop by drop, guaranteeing a perfect brew. In addition, the dripping speed can be controlled, allowing you to adjust the coffee's strength to exactly the way you want it.

    For a perfect pour-over cup, this must-have kettle has a soft roundness, with a form that seamlessly blends into any interior. Features an ergonomically designed handle, and compatible with any heat source, including induction stove tops.

  • Materials

    Stainless steel


    10.8" W x 5.7" D x 5.8" H


    40 oz full capacity, 27oz practical capacity


    Dishwasher safe.


    Tokyo, Japan