All Purpose Donabe by Matsusho

$ 192

A handmade classic style Donabe that has excellent versatility that allows you to cook a wide variety of delicious dishes with ease.

A classic style Donabe that allows you to create hot pot dishes and is also perfect for stewing and braising that will gather and get everyone excited to eat. The handle has been removed for easier usage and for compact storage. In collaboration with Matsusho, the local craftsmen, and Homeland, an all female designer team, focused on presenting a new donabe that combined traditional manufacturing techniques using Shigaraki Clay, while enhancing modern concepts of useability and longevity. This donabe will become very practical and used every day in your home to not only cook the best tasting dishes, but to be aesthetically pleasing on the stove or on the table. The Scarlet color, a traditional but unique color created by burning pine trees, and the Amber, which presents an exquisite candy color of deep black and brown that glows.

Ideal to serve between 2-4 people.

Shigaraki Ware

One of the six ancient kilns that started in the Kamakura period. They use a highly rich soil that contains a lot of compost, allowing for great plasticity, which is extracted from the bottom of Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake. The clay has a natural orange hue that radiates a warm and gentle look that also is durable pottery. It has been said that Shigaraki Ware emerged in the 8th century and has been used for over 1300 years. It is still widely used today and handmade by skilled craftsmen for its highly resistant fire properties and its durability. 

Established in 2020, a team of only 4 female designers have come together to create new products that help you create a daily rhythm of cooking. Each design is carefully crafted and thought out to provide not only an ease of use, but items that will last longer while still being designed for the modern kitchen. They work hand in hand with the local craftsmen of each prefecture and the highest quality materials to create products you will want to use everyday.

Based in Shigaraki-cho, Matsusho has been making Shigaraki Ware and is currently being run by the 8th generation Shozaemon. They continue to make pottery that will be used and remain in your daily lives by inheriting and valuing the old fashioned wisdom and techniques that have been nurtured with history while adjusting and being familiar with modern life.

All Purpose Donabe by Matsusho

• 11.4" Ø x 5.9" H

• 68 Fl oz

• Clay

• Hand Wash. Do not use an abrasive brush or sponge
• Gas Stove Compatible and Microwave Safe
• Not Induction Stove Compatible and not Oven Safe