Kamenoko Tawashi

Body Brush - Sato (Soft)

$ 19
Brush your way to squeaky clean, radiant skin with our assortment of all-natural traditional Japanese tawashi brushes. 

In Japan, tawashi scrubbing brushes are generally used for housecleaning, but these tawashi, made from natural fibers, are intended to be used on the body. Lather up some soap and gently brush the skin to experience a massage-like effect that simply cannot be obtained using sponges or towels. Available in three kinds, so pick the degree of stiffness best for you!
If this is your first experience with body brushes, we recommend using the “Sato,” which is made of soft sisal hemp and starting with thicker-skinned areas such as the heel of the foot. Once you have become accustomed to the sensation of the softer bush, you can move on to the “Tamura,” which is made of sisal hemp and hemp palm fibers and has a supple body for a refreshing wash and greater exfoliation. For an even more invigorating and stimulating effect, choose the “Narita,” also made of hemp palm fibers, to thoroughly scrub away dirt and dead skin cells.

If you find the sensation of brushing too invigorating on your skin, start with your extremities, such as the soles of your feet or your and arms, in order to gradually acclimatize your body to the practice of tawashi body brushing.

Nishio Shoten

Nishio Shoten, established in 1907, is famous for its “Kamenoko Tawashi” (Baby Turtle) brushes.

Body Brush

• 3" W x 6" D x 2" H 

Sisal Hemp Fiber 

• 3.2 oz

Tokyo, Japan