Kanaya Brush

Hog Hair Body Brush - Medium Firm, 9"

$ 72

Natural animal-hair body brushes are ideal for dry brushing or for exfoliating in the shower.

Natural animal-hair body brushes provide moderate stimulation without irritating the skin. Use a Kanaya body brush to reduce swelling and cold sensitivity or to help improve the appearance of cellulite. These brushes can also be lathered with soap for use in the shower. The long handles ensure an exhilarating brush even for those hard-to-reach spots on your back.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, use a brush made of horsehair, which has finer ends that are softer to the touch. For increased exfoliation and a more invigorating scrub, we recommend brushes made from moderately elastic hog hair.

Kanaya Brush

Established in 1914 in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, Kanaya Brush produces more than 400 types of brushes. In addition to its main line of natural horsehair and pig-hair brushes, the company also offers a wide variety of brushes for makeup, bodycare, kitchen, cleaning, and painting.

Hog Hair Body Brush

• 9" W

• Boars Hair 

• 3.2 oz

• Tokyo, Japan