Cambio - Brush Pen, Regular, Black

$ 6.50

A brush pen that has inherited 1400 years of tradition with Kuretake, a company producing Nara ink. With an ink that produces a clear and sharp color, once you have experienced this brush pen, you will realize that this is what brings out the beauty in art and characters. 

A direct liquid brush pen that will have a continuous flow of ink without having to squeeze the cartridge, allowing for more focus and precision to your writing.  Enjoy writing calligraphy, or any style of writing with this brush pen, as the ink continues to flow smoothly while you stay in control. Using a water-based pigment ink, it becomes water-resistant and retains its pure dark color as time passes.


Established back in 1902, Kuretake was originally producing Nara ink for calligraphy brushes that has 1400 years of tradition behind it. As of recently, they have started producing brush pens that have the ink already implemented inside of the brush to increase the convenience and efficiency of the brush. The ink produced is a high-quality ink that is water-resistant and does not fade in color.

Cambio - Brush Pen, Regular, Back

• Brush Pen with Case - 1.73” W x 9” H
• Brush Pen - 7.25" H

• Water-based Pigment 

• Nara, Japan