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Yuzu Bath Salt

$ 22

Indulge in a blissful bath that creates an atmosphere as if you were bathing in nature, healing your heart and soul.

Based on mineral-rich, natural sea salt, yuzu fruits, and yuzu essential oils. Blended with Jojoba oil to allow your skin to be rejuvenized and moisturized from the damage it received during the day. 

Please do not cut the pack that contains the ingredients to the bath salts. It is meant to stay intact when inserting it into the bath. If you gently squeeze the pack, it will help release its contents quicker.

Each Pack contains 40g of Bath Salts, which is equivalent to 1 use. (5 packs included)

Yuzu Bath Salts

Gently squeeze 1 Pack of Yuzu Bath Salt in a bathtub full of water. 
Mix the Bath Salts into the water until it is fully dissolved.
• Rinse the bathtub after each use.

• Moisturizes and promotes healthier skin
• Warms up your body from the core

Sea salt, Yuzu fruit, Yuzu peel oil, Jojoba oil, Fragrance

• Do not consume product, If accidentally consumed, drink a large amount of water and consult your doctor.
• If skin irritation occurs, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.
• Do not mix this item with other bath additives.

Kochi, Japan