Mutenka Sekken

Cold Press Soap

$ 22

Wash your face and your whole body with this natural soap that brings forth the best qualities in the ingredients.

With 4 different types of cold pressed soap, each bar of soap has their own unique features and natural ingredients. Each bar of soap foams up quickly, allowing for an easy wash. You will be able to wash your face and your body without the worry about all the harsh additives added in standard soaps that dry out your skin. Not only will you get to enjoy a unique soap, but it will also serve as a great gift to someone as well.

Soap will foam up better with the Awa Net.

Sake - Contains the special "Fukuju" Junmai Daiginjo Sake made by the long-established sake brewery "Kobe Shushinkan" in Nada, which boasts a history of 260 years. It has a refreshing scent that makes you feel relaxed because it contains a small amount of cypress essential oil.

As it has no scent of Sak
e, you do not need to worry about the smell of alcohol while enjoying the skin-beautifying properties from the amino acids in Sake.

Yuzu - Contains fresh Yuzu extract and Yuzu oil from the fruit and is from a farm in the Hyogo Prefecture, which is famous for their Yuzu’s. It is a well-balanced combination of olive oil-based skin comfort and abundant foaming with palm kernel oil. By blending the natural ingredients of Yuzu, they have created a soap that relaxes the mind and body. The refreshing citrus scent is also very popular throughout the year.

Sakura - The scent of cherry leaves is from a natural cherry leaf extract, and the pale pink color is a fine powder of mud (red clay), a natural ingredient that can help clean out your pores.

Hinoki - A luxurious blend of natural cypress essential oil. The refreshing scent unique to cypress and the abundant gentle bubbles will relax your body and soul as if you are relaxing in a Hinoki forest.

Mutenka Sekken

Established over 65 years ago, Maruhishi Soap Co. has been continuously making hand-made traditional soap with no additives. They create natural soap that does not contain any chemical fragrances, stabilizers, preservatives, or pigments. Utilizing two manufacturing methods, the traditional kettle-fired manufacturing method and the cold press that uses the goodness of the material as it is, Maruhishi creates a natural soap with carefully selected ingredients.

Cold Press Soap

• 3.5” W x 2.25” D x 1” H

• Additive Free, Handmade Soap


• Sake - Palm kernel oil, Water Palm oil, Olive oil, Hydrochloride Na Sesame oil, Sesame oil, Rice bran oil, Rice fermented liquid, Camellia oil, Hinoki oil

• Yuzu - Palm kernel oil, Water, Olive oil, Na hydroxide,  Rice bran oil, Palm oil, Yuzu peel oil, Yuzu peel extract

• Sakura - Palm kernel oil, Water, Olive oil, Na hydroxide, Rice bran oil, Palm oil, Kaolin, Sakura leaf extract, Coumarin BG (derived from sugar cane)

• Hinoki - Olive oil, Water, Palm kernel oil, Na hydroxide, Palm oil, Hinoki oil

• Hyogo, Japan