Nankei Pottery

Cup Saucer

$ 24

Saucers that can be accompanied with the highest quality of tea ware, the Katsura wood will allow you to enjoy its texture and boosts the aesthetic value.

A teacup saucer that compliments your tea in its natural state, boosting the aesthetic presence. As the saucer is unpainted, the hot water and tea will eventually start to permeate it, creating a unique piece. There are two different styles of saucers you can choose from to make your ideal tea set feel complete: Shiraki (natural state) and also Sumi Ink. 


Originally established in 1913, Nankei started out as a pottery shop extracting and excavating soil, elutriating it, and then selling it. Since then, for about 50 years they have recreated the shop to begin creating their own lifestyle products utilizing Banko-ware hoping that the use of natural products will enrich our daily lives. 

Cup Saucer

• .75" H x 3.5" Ø

• Natural Katsura Wood

• Cannot be washed with water. Use a dry cloth only.
• If wood starts to look dry, apply a light coat of vegetable oil.

• Mie, Japan