Nankei Pottery

Kyusu Teapot - Sencha 690

$ 138

Enjoy brewing a variety of Japanese tea with the largest teapot by Nankei that alleviates the astringency of tea with its iron-rich clay, perfect for serving 5 cups with the Tea Cup - Cone, Matte.

A perfect teapot for brewing a wide variety of tea, with a tall and wide design that consists of 4 parts that are crafted separately by different craftsmen, you can steep the tea slowly and enjoy the flavors. While utilizing Banko-ware, and without any glaze, there are fine irregularities within the teapot that help reduce the bitterness of tea while making it mellow and more delicious. They also use a traditional strainer that stops the teapot from clogging with tea leaves and gives you a clean pour.

The Black color contains a lot of iron and is baked in a way that causes a natural dark color that changes over time the more you use it. At the same time, the Sand color recreates the “white clay” that was popular back in the Taisho Era. The light gray/beige color gives off a warm glow, perfect for any dining setting.


Originally established in 1913, Nankei started out as a pottery shop extracting and excavating soil, elutriating it, and then selling it. Since then, for about 50 years they have recreated the shop to begin creating their own lifestyle products utilizing Banko-ware hoping that the use of natural products will enrich our daily lives. 

Kyusu Teapot - Sencha 690

• 7.75" W x 5"D x 4.2"H

• Stone Ware

Teapot - 20.25 oz

Hand wash with neutral detergent and non abrasive sponge (or else it can ruin the stainless steel mesh at the bottom)
• Not dishwasher, direct fire, or microwave safe

• Mie, Japan