Incense Holder - Shishi

$ 57

The Shishi, a guardian lion, has been known to fight off evil spirits since ancient times, now you can protect your home and truly meditate in peace when you light an incense.

This beautiful incense holder by Nousaku has been handcrafted out of bronze. As the bronze has not been painted or coated, you are able to enjoy a developing patina that turns into something only you can have, making this an incense holder you get to enjoy for years to come.


Nousaku was founded in 1916, inheriting a traditional casting technique that has been passed down through multiple generations for over 400 years in Takaoka, Japan. Originally manufacturing Buddhist ritual objects, items for tea ceremony and flower vases made of brass and bronze, they have recently started to manufacture tableware, incense holders and many other interior design items. Nousaku makes consistently high-quality brass and bronze products that marry its casting techniques inherited from the days of old with a modern design.

Incense Holder - Shishi

• Shishi - 1.2" W x .7" D x 1.2" H
• Incense Tray - 5.5" W x 1.7" D x .25" H

Shishi - Bronze
• Incense Tray - Brass

 5.15 oz

• After use, wipe it with a soft cloth
• If dirt is noticeable, wash with a soft sponge and neutral detergent, then wipe it down with a dry cloth.
• Do not use any wire brush or abrasive brushes, as it may scratch the surface.

• Toyama, Japan