Saito Wood

Waste Basket - Large

$ 150
This wooden wastebasket by Saito wood is the product of a long and fascinating history.

This Saito Wood wastebasket is created by molding plywood to form a cylindrical shape. The product’s origins date back to the Second World War when there was a metal shortage. Saito Wood founder Isamu Saito was involved in research by the Japanese army into ways of making tanks for airplane fuel using wood. Saito later passed on techniques that he cultivated during his time in the army, techniques that live on in each and every Saito Wood product.

Saito Wood

Established in 1950 in the town of Kawanecho in Shizuoka Prefecture, Saito Wood creates products that blend seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Waste Basket, Large

• 15.5" H x 11" Ø

• Plywood

• 1.85 lbs

• Wipe clean with a firmly wrung cloth, then dry well.
• Apply wood oil occasionally.

• Shizuoka, Japan