Embrace the timeless tradition of the Kokeshi Doll, as you explore a series that elegantly highlights the wood's innate beauty through its natural grain and color.

Fifth-Generation Kokeshi Doll master craftsman, and three-time All Japan Best Kokeshi Award winner, Akihiro Sakurai has created a natural series that is a complement to a minimalistic lifestyle. Kiji is a series showcasing natural beauty and distinctive wood characteristics, resulting in each doll's unique and expressive quality. Utilizing 3 different types of local Japanese Trees from the Tohoku region: Enju (Pagoda), Itaya (Maple), and Yamazakura (Cherry Blossom). Being only coated in beeswax, you can fully enjoy the traditional craft in its natural state, perfect as a gift for any occasion.

Enju - A wood that has a deepening amber hue over time, that reveals the wood's grain with exceptional clarity.

Itaya - A wood with a white foundation, you can enhance your space with a naturally luminous, light wood base. 

Yamazakura - A harmonious balance between prominent grain patterns and the wood's inherent brightness, making it a versatile choice for any environment.

A Kokeshi Doll is a type of traditional wooden doll. It was thought to have emerged during the Nara Period around the 8th century but became popular in the Edo Period around the 16th century as a common gift from the hot springs community deep within the mountains of Miyagi Prefecture. Now, Kokeshi Dolls are considered the ideal gift for any occasion. Even after 5 generations, each Kokeshi Doll is hand carved and painted, starting with peeling the bark of a tree by hand after letting the wood dry out for 18 months.

Sakurai Kokeshi

Sakurai Kokeshi started back in the Edo Period in Miyagi, Japan. The techniques have been passed down 5 generations and is now ran by Akihiro Sakurai. He currently is trying to combine traditional roots with contemporary lifestyle and bring the Kokeshi Dolls to the world. 


• 8.25" H

• Enju - Pagoda Tree
• Itaya - Maple Tree
• Yamazakura - Cherry Blossom Tree
• Beeswax Coating

• Wipe with a cloth

Miyagi, Japan