Dust Pan

$ 28

An Edo-period styled dustpan that is as flexible as it is strong, made from natural materials for a guilt-free cleaning experience.

Completely handmade by artisans, this dustpan is made by laminating thick paper and has a bamboo outer frame, giving it strength and durability as well as elasticity and lightness. Painted with persimmon juice, it acts as a natural lacquer to prevent static electricity so collected trash does not cling to the surface. Perfect for cleaning up small spaces.

Shirokiya Denbee

Founded in 1830 as a shop that traded tatami mats in Ginza, Shirokiya Denbee still focuses on manufacturing and selling Edo-style bamboo and cleaning products, having changed nothing from the olden days. With a focus on creating products that are environmentally friendly and passing on a healthy global environment to the next generation, Shirokiya Denbee hopes to contribute to society through their traditional Edo cleaning products, and continues to value nature while representing a Japanese culture that is one with nature.

Dust Pan

• 8" W x 7.5" D x 2.5" H

• Bamboo
• Paper

Tokyo, Japan