Sori Yanagi

Cast Iron Deep Stewing Pot

$ 290

Create the perfect stew in this versatile cast iron deep stewing pot, suited to stovetops, ovens, and IH cookers alike. 

This Nambu ironware deep pot by designer Sori Yanagi features extra-thick cast iron for superior retention and rapid distribution of heat. The result is evenly-cooked, delicious dishes. A deep pot is ideal for stews because ingredients do not fall apart while cooking, keeping pieces of ingredients intact but tender. The pot’s hefty iron lid retains moisture and draws out the natural richness and umami of the ingredients. Lastly, food cooked in ironware helps in alleviating iron deficiencies!

The Sori Yanagi Cast Iron Deep Stewing Pot can be used on most heat sources including gas and electric stovetops, ovens, even IH cookers up to 200 volts (*cannot be used in microwave ovens). The iron lid comes with a removable handle.

Sori Yanagi

Sori Yanagi, one of Japan’s leading industrial designers, is considered to be the greatest contributor to the establishment and development of industrial design in postwar Japan. He is the son of Muneyoshi Yanagi, a philosopher and founder of Japan’s folk art movement. Aside from kitchenware and furniture, Sori Yanagi's wide-ranging body of work encompasses toys, art objects, a platform bearing the Olympic flame, tunnel openings, pedestrian walkways, and more, all globally acclaimed for their functional and beautiful designs.

Cast Iron Deep Stewing Pot

• 9.8" W x 12.9" D x 6.3" H

• Nambu Tekki Cast Iron

• Volume 118.3 fl oz
• Weight 11.6 lbs

• Hand Wash With a Soft Sponge and Dry Immediately.
• Gas, Electric and Induction Stove safe.

• Niigata, Japan