Takazawa Candle

Nanohana Japanese Candles

$ 34

With a distinct yellow hue and a sleek shape, the Nanohana candle brings with it a strong flame, creating an atmosphere perfect for reflection.

The landmark of Noto island--a small island north of Nanao--rapeseed blossoms: with their yellow flowers, they signaled to sailors that they would reach the island soon. Nanohana is the Japanese name for these flowers, and their oil is used to make these candles, giving them their yellow hue, along with being subtle in odor. 

Contains 24 candles in a box with an approximate burn time of 55 minutes per candle.

Compatible with: Nanohana Candle Stand, Koma Candle Stand - Medium, Seven Beads Candle Stand, and Shizuku Candle Stand.

        Takazawa Candle

        Established in 1892 in the port city of Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture, Takazawa Candle’s products stand out not only in their quality, but also in their unique candle designs and shapes, calling to mind various scenes of nature, particularly those of plants found in the city of Nanao. By using a special wick made from a unique recipe that dates back to the 16th century. The wick is made by winding dried rushes around a hollow cord of wa-shi (Japanese paper.) By having a hollow core, oxygen is able to be drawn up from the bottom so that the flame consumes more melted wax, thus making their candles’ flames burn bigger and brighter. Their candles call to mind ancestral wisdom, symbolizing the relationship between their ancestors and nature, and are all made from plant-based materials such as sumac wax, rice bran, and rapeseed flower oil.


        • 4.25" H x .4" Ø

        • Canola Flower Oil, Paraffin Wax

        Burn Time
        • 55 min

        Ishikawa, Japan