Onioroshi Grater

$ 24

Utilize a bamboo grater that can coarsely grate the material, allowing less moisture and fibers to escape for a richer flavor.

The grater originally received its name from the bamboo blades resembling that of a demon’s teeth. By utilizing bamboo, a low thermal conductivity material, you can coarsely grate daikon radish, apples, cucumbers, carrots, and more, which allow you to savor its rich flavor than using a standard grater as the fibers are less cut and more moisture is kept, allowing for a fluffier and crunchier texture.


Established back in 1972, Yamaco has been manufacturing products using a variety of natural items including, bamboo, hinoki, lacquer, and other wooden materials. Prioritizing and operating as a distributer for hotels and restaurants, Yamaco creates a wide range of products following traditional crafting methods to better suit every request.

      Oni Oroshi Grater

      • 5.2” W x 13” D x 1” H

      • Pinewood

      • Hand Wash Only
      • Not Dishwasher or Microwave Safe

      • Gifu, Japan