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Explore Japan’s food culture with a bilingual food-focused guide by Yuri Nomura, a food expert, that showcases the top restaurants from hidden gems to high-end restaurants in Tokyo.

Tokyo EATRIP, written by Yuri Nomura an owner chef, features the personal pick of 57 restaurants that she personally enjoys in Tokyo ranging from hidden gems to high-end restaurants. This book also features 14 different popular neighborhoods with a total of 168 places you can visit and teaches you about Japanese dining etiquette. With its bilingual text, local maps, and diverse introduction to Japanese cuisine, this is perfect for anyone who would like to dive deeper into Japanese cuisine and incredibly useful for anyone visiting Tokyo.

Yuri Nomura

Yuri Nomura is the director of the food creative team “Eatrip”, who also has worked in various restaurants, including Michelin Star restaurant Chez Panisse. While specializing in catering, cooking classes, magazine columns, radio programs, and food direction for TV and commercials, she continuously explores the possibilities and pleasure in cuisine, and finally, in 2012, she opened her very own restaurant, “Restaurant Eatrip”, in Tokyo.


• 5.75" W x 8.75" D x 1" H

• 7 Chapters
• 286 Pages
• Full Color Photos

• Tokyo, Japan