and wander 30 liter backpack

Who is And Wander? They are well known to designers from Japan that have an interest in mountaineering. They are well known for their outdoor clothing and most recently their backpacks. The designers have experience working with fashion in from Tokyo to Paris.

And wander signature feature is its lightness, weighing in at 625 grams or 22 ounces. Not to forget its stylish design and waterproofing. And Wander backpacks have form and function.

Durability. The construction is six times stronger and durable because it uses Cordura nylon fabric with poly-carbonate water repelling coating. Straps as well as cords are made with reflective material making them more durable.

Details. The top cover can be used for extra water proofing or can be swung down to the front for easy access to items such as a map. Comes with a detached pouch with a staple And Wander carabiner.  Extra pockets are on the sides for your beverages as well as an interior slip pocket. The waterproofed front zipper provides very easy access to all sections of the backpack. There is a sleeve inside the backpack for liquid pouches and a hole for the tube to poke out into the front. 

You can find the backpack here

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly. 
We at Jinen, hand pick products we like so have our word that this is an amazing backpack.


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