Japanese Clay Rice Cooker "Kamado San"

Rice is a staple diet in many parts of the world, in fact, Americans also have a fondness for things made out of rice which includes highly popular dishes such as Calas, Shrimp Creole, Spanish Rice, Rice and Gravy and others. There are many different methods of preparing rice but the quality of the end product depends on the utensil which is being used to cook rice. This is the area where the Japanese have no match especially the rice cooked in authentic Japanese clay pots is of the highest quality where the individual grains are shiny and fluffy and the rice is evenly cooked.

The Kamado San is the epitome of Japanese craft in the field of cooking utensils. It is basically a rice cooking pot made up of clay from the Iga region of Japan. The reason why the soil from this particular region is used because of the heat retention properties of the clay in this region and this clay also absorbs heat much quickly which is ideal for cooking. The clay is porous and is mostly made of decomposed organisms, this organic makeup of the clay gives the food a space for breathing. A single pot can usually take two weeks from start to completion but these two weeks of efforts by skilled artisan results in a product which can last for decades. 

There are many reasons why the Kamado San rice cooker is famous both in Japan and in the US but the most important one of these is that the cooker spreads heat evenly throughout the cooker which makes for a great cooking experience and results in a food which has been evenly cooked. This is especially great for rice and other hot pot dishes such as udon, sukiyaki, and other stews. 

The market has many cheaper alternatives but the thing which sets Kamado San from the cheaper alternatives is the fact that the bottom part of this product is over 150 % thicker than the competing clay pots or donabe. This thickness is important because this allows Kamado San to retain heat for much longer periods and that allows for gentle cooking of the rice. This also has double lids which give it the effect of pressure cooking without really using the modern technology involved to give this kind of effect.

The versatility of these pots allows it to be used both in homes and at restaurants. As the pot is available in different sizes, restaurants can cook rice according to the need and since it takes a very little time, just 20 minutes usually, the food can be quickly served to the customers. It also looks good so if the restaurant wants to serve the rice in the Kamado San then they can do so without the fear of it looking out of place.

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