Hasami Porcelain

Wooden Tea Cup

$ 70
Created in collaboration with Hatashikki, this light but durable tea cup is a perfect addition to your Hasami Porcelain collection, perfect for storing tealeaves so that they are not degraded by light, air, or humidity.

The wood used for this tea cup has been cut with a technique unique to Hatashikki called “vertical cutting.” Cutting the wood vertically is to cut across the grain, resulting in a nicely textured feel and an attractive appearance. In addition, vertical cutting makes the wood less deformable and more shock absorbent than wood that has been cut using the more common horizontal cutting method.

The mugs, bowls, and trays of this collection were designed with uniform diameters for easy stacking, streamlined storage, and convenient transport.


Hatashikki is a family-owned company that was founded in 1930 in Ishikawa, Japan. Originally owned by Unomatsu Hata, it has now been passed down to his son Manabu Hata. The company specializes in original handcrafted woodwork as well as lacquer-ware. Inspired by the beauty of nature and a love for handcrafted wood products, Hatashikki creates products that are in line with their philosophy of “simple yet beautiful.”

Wooden Tea Cup

• 2.75" H x 3.25" Ø

• Elm Wood
• Urethane Coating

• Not Dishwasher or Microwave Safe

Ishikawa, Japan