Large Bowl

$ 58

Crafted for everyday use, this bowl's simple yet elegant grain pattern with Yamanaka lacquerware effortlessly complements any dining table, ensuring long-lasting durability.

A larger-sized versatile bowl perfect for serving stews, rice bowls, and noodle dishes. Crafted from Keyaki wood, renowned for its historic role in the construction of shrines and temples due to its remarkable resilience, it undergoes a process called vertical wood cutting. This not only accentuates the wood's natural grain but also significantly boosts its durability.

The Yamanaka lacquer technique elevates the bowl's beauty through a process of applying thin layers of lacquer, delicately wiping, and repeating. This method unveils the wood's intricate texture and grain, while also reinforcing it for greater heat resistance.

Yamanaka Lacquerware

Yamanaka lacquerware, originating 400 years ago in Ishikawa's Yamanaka Onsen during the Azuchi-Momoyama period, is known for its vertical wood-cutting technique and the application of lacquer that preserves natural wood grain, making it the primary hub for lacquerware production in Japan.


Established in 1981, Shirasagi, spanning three generations, has refined its woodworking mastery in crafting Yamanaka lacquerware, an age-old art. Renowned for an all-encompassing woodwork approach, Shirasagi expertly crafts traditional lacquerware pieces utilizing passed-down woodwork techniques, setting them apart as a rare entity that begins with raw wood processing.

Owan Bowl

• 5" Ø x 3.5" H

 Keyaki Wood 
Yamanaka Lacquer 

• Hand wash only
• Not Dishwasher or Microwave safe

• Ishikawa, Japan